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  • От мужчин часто можно услышать, что ничего хорошего браком не назовут. Но при этом они мечтают о семье, жене, детях. Женщина, в свою очередь, бредит свадьбой, белым платьем, тем, что после венчания муж будет носить ее на руках. Именно из-за таких мелких, но очень значительных взглядов на жизнь...

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Also, we have prepared for you spetsialho article from a psychologist about how to keep their love century.
10 simple tips will help you to live in love and harmony!

Love for a long time 10 practical tips from psychologist

Find the love of life - is only half the battle. The most important thing - to be able to save sense, despite the difficulties in any relationship and harmony to support them. What you need to know every woman to live long and happily with your loved one?

1. No illusions

It should be clear about how your husband looks at the world, what he thinks about the relationship of what he wants from life, that his plans and how he intends to implement them. Many women tend to live illusions spend years waiting for change for the better. Often, however, are simply not prepared for many disappointments.

2. The overall goal

Even the couple in love requires common task that unites your family. Divorce in times of crisis often occur because the couple change goals, and the common denominator they did not come. To overcome the difficult times in a relationship can be. First of all, you should be sure that you want to be with this person for life and beyond. Second, and let him and yourself some freedom and time to reassess the inside. There are many examples where the couple parted again begin living together. Man should think, to weigh the pros and cons, and this is absolutely normal. The main thing - keep calm.

3. Love plus respect

Learn to hear partner and trust him. Complete coincidence happens, all people are different, and no one is immune from mistakes. Learn how to forgive and do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness, to give thanks and to show leniency. Self-respect and credibility of an opinion reaches the easiest one who can see life differently and take into account positions that are not similar to his.

4. Sex - this is important

Basic Instinct - a reason why you chose each other. Do not pay attention to sex and erotic attraction for a partner - one of the silliest and unpleasant mistakes that couples make. You can head in the clouds, to read aloud to each other Proust, but dissatisfaction in bed will make both of you miserable, pulling the strap of duty and responsibility.

5. Do yourself

Learn how to take care of themselves. Do not translate responsibility for your health and mood of your mate. You can ask for help and rely on it, but close person must not be a victim of your bad mood. Also, do not let negative emotions to throw out his side and tolerate what you do not like. Quarrels - is not so bad. Higher emotions make us open to a partner. But if a person avoids openly express resentment and irritation - it could be evidence of fear rapprochement. Remember that showdown should not be tedious.

6. Personal Space

Hiperkontrol, jealousy and excessive openness kill not only optimism but also sense of freshness and a healthy desire to communicate with and loved to flirt. Gradually moving closer, giving relations develop in free mode. This way you can learn partner and revealed itself as far as you both want it.

7. The order around

A good hostess knows that the best cleaning - a daily maintenance procedure. In love is also important. Follow them, try not to let rude, provocative jokes, try not to partner fortitude, character and love for you. Pay attention to detail, habits and weaknesses. Just how clean the living room is decorated with a vase of fresh flowers on the table, a serious relationship diluted casual chatter, cult favorite features, even those who otherwise may seem a whim and nonsense.

8. No whims

Say goodbye once and for all with all the dubious ways get what you want - whims, images, revenge, blackmail, threats and other manipulations. Just imagine what your life consists only of these emotions, destructive to both sides, regardless of who the initiator. Look for positive examples and ways to achieve its goals.

9. Do not complicate

Distracted from the pressing problems, try not to focus on the problem. Find the time to look out the window, breathe air in deeply, smile for no reason - stop beautiful moment. This will soar above the routine, boredom and bustle and create a positive attitude to you and your family. Much resolved as if by itself - without your active participation and velykotrudnoho. It is unlikely that you can protect yourself and your half of all life's troubles, but you can control how much time and effort you devote unpleasant emotions or that pleases you and adjusts the better.

10. Show me love

What is love, no one knows. Or rather, everyone understands it differently. Although it is not important, but how regularly you remember that like a man who's nearby and feel like it is a show. Words, gestures, gifts, acts - we all need to constantly feel the love, and sometimes that is enough to live happily together. Expressing feelings, worrying about the fact that the signs are always present in real life, we do sort of contribution over time will begin to bring our revenue and returns in the form of response, overall emotional comfort and pleasure created atmosphere.