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  • Як впоратися з труднощами...
    10 ПОРАД, ЯК ВПОРАТИСЯ З ТРУДНОЩАМИ Навіщо, життя дає нам труднощі? Щоб одержувати з них цінні уроки в житті , скаже мудра людина. Щоб нас помучити, скаже лінива людина. І дійсно, декого труднощі роблять сильнішими і людина гартується, стає сильніша, пройшовши один урок з життя достойно, винісши...

Academy family "Dvi Zirky" - a marriage agency to help you find your soulmate! For any questions please contact us. Our contacts are on the menu! We will be glad to hear you and help you! Now another article from our psychologists about how still maintain their composure?
To life was something good, needed some work on yourself, the purpose of which is that: keep the nerves, stay calm, and - health and good relationships with other people. This is no easy task.
But nothing is impossible, but not immediately rebuilt. The better should change gradually, and start - small. You need to learn to listen to the advice of his heart, and you must bypassed frustration, disappointment and illness.
After avoiding feelings of fear, anger, hatred to the others, we thus heal themselves from not started malaise. It's the consequences of our wrong thinking. To reduce their suffering, to look young and beautiful, to be able to keep her beloved husband about yourself, you learn to forgive all who have hurt. See with warmth and understanding for all your surroundings.
And remember that there is nothing bespoleznee than deal with criticism himself, such as "What I'm stupid," as a man senseless in one case can become a master in another. You have strengths, which are better and think. After all, the best way to warm your soul - is to help those who really need your help.
To be useful to someone and hear words of thanks from a stranger and see the joy in his eyes (that you lit them this joy) - is not only pleasant, but also a great opportunity to assess how well developed your life. Psychologists suggest the following techniques: if you feel that you are very tense or ready to suddenly break, immediately begin to distract themselves from what is happening (for example, start to remember the multiplication table in random order).
At the time of approaching anger quietly all take a deep breath, and mind you take away from angry man. At this time the position change is not recommended to let all the outside remains the same as it was before the conflict. Just do not hurt each master method that can be called "fire on the enemy" - ask the question opponent, from which it can zniyakovity, while carefully analyze all his words.
If you feel that this man looks not what you, you better just finish a conversation with him and do not enter into debate, leave it at your mistakes, go around it by. But what if you have to communicate with him at work? In this case, set the bar for utility, not discussing personal and extraneous issues not related to the case. Psychologists confirm that flashes irritability can be avoided if more attention to the other party.
Compassion - a way not only to an understanding in the team and at work, but also to maintain their health (in kind and sensitive people nervous system is much stronger than the rough and capricious) Listen to yourself and your desires. However, this is not easy, because desire is often very much, and focus on them does not always work. You need to learn how to prioritize and desire to do everything in order of importance.
It should also avoid all routine and diversify their feelings. Always keep your curiosity, given to you by nature, and strengthens it by changing the hobbies of his surroundings. Following all these "secrets" health and beauty, you get the standard, which seeks the soul of each of us.