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Academy family "Dvi Zirky" help you find your soulmate! Our psychologists can help you find your life partner!
Similarly, our psychologists have prepared for you an article on the role of women in the family who speak in more detail about the problems which happen in families.

The role of women in the family.
Tradition led to the definition of modern role of women in the family. Keeper of the hearth - is not only taking care of the house, order a meal ... first of all, the creation of a harmonious family psycho-emotional situation that goes far beyond the prosaic role of housewife.

Although women of our time are very different from their great-grandparents - more independent, broadly developed, organized, still is on the woman still depends microclimate in the house, mental well-being of the household and their desire to return there.

In the education of our predecessors attached great importance to the ability to create a warm atmosphere in the house. Even trained and untrained called to the girls family life differently - West and groom. Today, girls who marry, somehow survived only another name - the bride. I do not want to think that this is an allusion to the fact that modern women have lost this ability.

Society does virtually nothing to become a woman to lead. The girls at school do not prepare for the role of wife and mother, upbringing replaced by education, even though education of girls could become the basis on which later grew up the girl will ignite your cell. The need for education is obvious, but the preparation for what is called the role of women in the family should also take place, given the number of divorces, single-parent families and unhappy marriages.

A woman must somehow combine household duties, parenting, career and storage pockets - often it off just because someone from home, running past, throws a sprig or two. The woman, who can in this situation not to lose too often and not too painful hammered gets stable, and sometimes even a happy family life, career and a strong link with the outside world. Such a woman is sometimes unhappy state of affairs, but on other days, things are a little better, and it, like, all makes. And then it has a reason to be proud.

The role of women in today's diverse families. A standard set of mother-wife-friend-lover may be supplemented by a huge list.

Florist. How great if the flowers on the windowsill pleasing to the eye. Well, in a pinch, though do not forget to water the only cactus.
The photographer, videographer. Women's roles in the family and they mean it. Who else but the woman so sentimental belongs to the past, will take care of that was something to remember?
GR-manager. Paying bills utilities, insurance, perehistratsiya passport - she knows how and where to do it.
PR-manager. Remember birthdays of relatives and friends to welcome them to call parents and more - this also copes family woman.
Waitress. Serve a table, give food, clean dishes, wipe the table. It's every day, not to mention the holidays and a candlelight dinner, when I want romance.
Scullion. Of course, there are some houses and dishwashers, but not all, and there ware itself is not loaded.
Maid. Floors washed, wiped dust scattered toys on the ground to place, from furniture otlepyt gum, candy wrappers from under the bed sweep ... well, everything else, well, on the little things ...
Employee. Washer become the norm, but even if the house is such an assistant, working with wash enough.
Employee laundry. All washed and mint should be ironed and neatly folded in the closet.
Psychologist. The son had a fight in the garden, head rozdratuvavsya at work, a man for a week does not show any interest in men - to find the cause and fix tactfully, most having no right to break - a stand burdens fragile female shoulders.
This is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities of women that can be found.

But what a wonderful, wise and skillful woman would not be alone when she unbearable burden of family problems. That man should enable her to be a woman in every sense of the word.

In order to fulfill its mission in the family, a woman needed: no fear for the future of children, confidence, boundless and unconditional faith in her husband. Only if all these conditions can a woman around his family invisible but strong protection from all of life's problems!