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  • Як впоратися з труднощами...
    10 ПОРАД, ЯК ВПОРАТИСЯ З ТРУДНОЩАМИ Навіщо, життя дає нам труднощі? Щоб одержувати з них цінні уроки в житті , скаже мудра людина. Щоб нас помучити, скаже лінива людина. І дійсно, декого труднощі роблять сильнішими і людина гартується, стає сильніша, пройшовши один урок з життя достойно, винісши...

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Now our psychologists wrote an article about what should be the perfect girl.
3 qualities of an ideal girlfriend.

1. It is feminine

Dream: We all expect the women qualities which make it attractive for us - softness, sexually attractive but not vulgar behavior, ability to be affectionate and little known. Femininity is manifested in everything - from clothes to style way of communicating - is close to some canons of behavior that triggers the brain males program "to win, to defend, to get involved." Actually, femininity and the main hook cling men. Husband important to be strong, to feel that rely on it and that he protects his broad chest weak and indecisive favorite from cruel world. When the next feminine girl, you feel like that.

Pass by: Somehow, many women find that nagging and mannerisms that handles kryvenkye and little head fool, very exciting men. Not to be confused with the feminine incapacity. A certain proportion of child behavior attracts men, but when before you ever phykaye and capricious creatures, quickly begins to irritate and perekoshuvaty balance value. Femininity does not deny adequate good brains and behavior. Incidentally, intelligent girl will always find a way to treat feminine, not hitting the extreme whiny child or offended Barbie.

2. It can cause emotions

Dream: A cool girl when you feel the whole range of emotions - from positive to negative. Art and women - to find a balance, which also okrylyt man and will keep it in good shape. In my view, the ratio of 80:20 - optimally. In four cases, be nice and kind, and the fifth and could break off for prevention. In fact, this emotional analogue rules "closer-then", on which a whole favors. If a woman has these skills, her husband is afraid of losing this girl. He will seek only positive emotions and perceive them as a prize for good behavior.

Pass by, there are many recommendations as to cause male emotions. Top - a condition or share bitch-girl. But he and the other pole after a while tired man. If you give the guy a positive and anticipate all his wishes, he will begin to take it for granted, and the total negative exhausting nerves and ozloblyuye. As a result, bitch destroy any sense, and streams of vanilla painek cause satiety and boredom. Only the balance of positive and negative emotions in constant interest to women.

3. She has a purpose in life

Dream: A girl who has a clear idea of ​​what she wants to achieve in life, draws its energy. Goals can be anything - from career and 10 children to their own circle of origami and Floristry. But the goal should be. Woman having a seizure except shmotok and fans, an interesting personality. Her eyes are burning, it develops its full life and it is something to talk about. And, most importantly, when a woman is busy, it is not always available, and this increases its value.

Ignore the not rare women whose sole purpose - to get unlimited possession guy. This problem is not all successful women. Admit it, become someone's purpose and meaning of life too responsibly. If there contender for high office, he clearly pozdorovytsya. All my enthusiasm, ambition and claims will be made to this accident, which aim quickly turn into a target for its unreasonable hopes and expectations.